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Wineglass Marathon

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Member Since:

Aug 15, 2010



Goal Type:

Local Elite

Running Accomplishments:

Personal Bests
  • 1500m : 4:43 (May 2001)
  • 1 mile: 5:18 (August 2012) 
  • 5k: 17:39 (December 2003)
  • 8k: 30:02 (June 2003)
  • 10k: 37:21 (November 2003)
  • 15k : 59:48 (July 2012)
  • 10 miles: 62:39 (February 2002)
  • Half-Marathon (Covered Bridges): 1:23:29 (June 2002)
  • Marathon (Wineglass): 3:04:42 (Oct 2011)
  • Half Ironman (Tupper Lake): Swim 38:19, Bike 3:01:xx (with flat tyre change), Run 1:58:xx, Total time 5:44:44 (Jun 2004)

Short-Term Running Goals:

General Goals for 2013

  • Break 3 hours as Boston
  • Mile in 5:00
  • 5k in 17:30

Results and my 'A' Races for 2013 (Click for Race Report)

  • Y-10 10 Miler (February 9)
    • Goal: 63? (honestly, no idea)
    • DNS
  • Boston Marathon (April 15)
    • Goal: 2:57
    •  Time: 3:12:46
  • Springville Stampede (May 9)
    • Goal: 18:36
    • Time: 18:28
  • Chase Corporate Challenge 3.5 (June 6)
    • Goal: 20:30
    • Time: 20:30
  • Brian Moorman PUNT Foundation Blackbird 8K (June 19)
    • Goal: 30:00
    • Time: 30:03
  • Boilermaker 15k (July 14)
    • Goal 58:00
  • Mueller Mile (August)
    • Goal 5:00
  • Run into Buffalo 15k  (Sept 2)
    • Goal 57:30
  • Troy Turkey Trot 10k (Nov 28)
    • Goal 37:00

Long-Term Running Goals:

  1. Sub 3:00 Marathon
  2. 17:00 5k
  3. 1:20 Half-marathon


Originally from the small town of Galway, NY (near Saratoga), I currently live in Buffalo, NY.  I'm a community pharmacist  I  graduated from the University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy with my pharmD in 2007 and my PhD in 2011. I'm married and have 2 dogs (Sadie, a lab, and Ralphie, a Eskie mix).  We enjoy anything outdoors from Backpacking and hiking to snowboarding.

my photojournal, and I will run

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Sadie's Lifetime Miles: 298.30
Ralphie's Lifetime Miles: 346.60
Race: Wineglass Marathon (26.22 Miles) 03:04:41, Place overall: 41, Place in age division: 3
Running MilesSwimming YardsBike Miles

Training going into the race:  This was the most serious I’ve trained for a race in the longest time.  I followed Hal Higdon’s Advanced I training plan and averaged 45-50 mpw over the last 12 weeks or so.  I ran Yasso’s the last week of August and averaged 3:02 for the 10 repeats and a 1:00:30 15k on labor day.  Based on these indicators I was feeling pretty confident on my goals. I initially debating on my goal, I was torn between 3:00 and 3:05.  I decided to play it safe and go for 3:05 with even splits (7:03 miles).   I wasn’t feeling very confident so I was a little panicky and worried about hitting this goal.

The night before, the course and the weather:  I got into Corning at around 2pm on Saturday.  I met up with my sister and her friend who came up for Baltimore for the race.  They already picked up my packet so we met at the hotel and got all checked in.  I ran an easy 2 miles.  Afterwards we went to dinner and carb-loaded at a nice little family diner in Painted Post.  We were all pretty beat.   We wake up at 6 to a wonderful 43 degree and steady rain, not really sure what to wear but I finally decide on shorts, a long-sleeve tech shirt and some cheap throw-away gloves.   The point to point course has a net downhill of about 200 feet (170 feet of up and 350 of down) with no major hills up or down.  It’s pretty fast overall.

The start and the 5k (22:02 7:06 miles):  I get to the start and find the 3:05 pace group and decide I’m going stick with them for the first handful of miles to get settles into a good pace.  In the rain at the start I was a little cold and shivering but knew once we got started it would be ok. Race started a little late while we waited for some stragglers to get to the start.  Off we go in the rain in an uneventful start.  The first mile was 7:18 which was a little slow but a lot better than starting fast.  The pace group soon gets on the 7:03 pace.  Felt pretty comfortable and easy. 

5k though 10 miles (average pace 7:05 miles):  Now I was in the zone in the continuing steady rain.  The pace group was still going strong (maybe 20 people total) but we were a little back from our goal (maybe 10-15 seconds slow) but I wasn’t too worried about it.  The biggest hill was at mile 6 and we managed it without problem.  I made sure to eat and drink on schedule to keep from getting dehydrated.   I used Shot blocks on 45min intervals and water at every stop.

Miles 10  through 20 (average pace 6:59 miles):  We went through mile 10 and I was feeling good so I wanted to put a little time on my goal pace because I knew I would need it later.  I picked up the pace by about 5 seconds per mile and built a little gap on the pace group.   Still raining but slightly less and it warmed up a little.  I hit the ½ way mark at 1:32:30, exactly on pace for a 3:05 and by mile 20 I was maybe 20 seconds ahead of the pace.   Hit mile 20 feeling very strong, I was actually a little surprised by how well I felt.  I had some fatigue in my quads but my breathing was fine and my form felt good.

Miles 20-22 (average pace 6:59):  Still felt good but I knew the wall was eminent.  My breathing was picking up and my form got a little shuffle-ly but I knew I had to push and maintain the pace.   I could see the pace group (now reduced to 3 or 4) was slowly reeling me in.

Mile 23 and 24 (average pace 6:58):  The pain was really starting to set in, every little bump felt like a huge hill and dropped my pace.  I was pushing hard now, my quads were burning and my left calf was starting to cramp.  I can tell how tired I am but how much math I’m doing to figure out my pace and how much time I have to hit my goal.  By this time I was doing A LOT of math.  At mile 24 I figured I had 15 seconds over 3:05 if I could maintain the pace, it was going to be close.

Mile 25 and 26 (average pace 7:06):  I hit the wall hard at 25 and it was rough.  It was all I could do to maintain a sub 7:10 pace and I could feel the pace group (now down to two) bearing down on my.  My sole goal was to keep them behind me no matter what.   I was really getting worried about hitting my goal

Last 0.2 miles (in 75 seconds):  I hit the mile 26 mark with 90 seconds to go and I knew I had it but I had to kick.  My sister was in the finish line crowd screaming and I pushed hard and it hurt but I did it.  I hit the finish line at 3:04:41 (41 overall) with the pace group right on my heels, a Boston Qualifying time!

The finish:  I was gassed, I got my medal and some water and stumbled around for a few minutes.  My sister comes running over in crazy cheer mode and she was carrying a bottle of wine.  Turns out she won the ½ marathon in the crazy time of 1:25 and wine was the award along with 300$ (yay for her).   We turn around and her friend is in the finish shoot finishing in 3:07 (a new PR for her).  By this time I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to die was I was quite cold. While it was not raining anymore I was soaking wet and it was only about 48 out. My calf was completely cramped now so it was a tender walk to the car.  We get changed into dry clothes and head out back to the hotel to shower and head to our respective homes.  I check the results later and notice that I got third in my age once the pulled out the overall winners!! 

Comments:  Wineglass is a great small marathon (2000 runners in the full).  It is very well organized and crowd support across the whole distance is great.  You don’t go more than a handful of miles without running through a small town with tons of people cheering.  I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking to run a great race.  The weather sucked but you can’t really blame anyone for that.  I have not complaints about it.  Once thing I did notice was that our Garmins was running short and was off by about 0.2 miles overall.  This isn’t a big deal and a common issue but you HAVE to do the math at the actual mile markers to make sure you are on pace.  If I was just using my watch I would have missed my goal by a minute or so.  Luckily doing the math for 7:03 miles isn’t that hard.  It might be better to turn off autolap and just hit the lap button at each mile.  This works especially well if the miles are accurately marked (typically they are not).   Now I get to be lazy for 2 week while I recover!

Brooks Adrenaline Blue Miles: 27.00
Night Sleep Time: 0.00Nap Time: 0.00Total Sleep Time: 0.00Weight: 0.00
From Jake K on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 at 12:55:28 from

Great race Nate! Congrats on getting that BQ... you'll be sub 3:00 next year!

Seems like you ran a really, really smart nice. Amazing consistent splits... and even when it got hard and you hit the wall, you only lost a few seconds per mile. Way to hang tough and get that negative split!

From allie on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 at 17:33:38 from

congrats on a great race! very consistent pace throughout. enjoy your recovery time.

From rockness18 on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 at 17:38:24 from

Great job and congrats on the bq! I live in CT, so may give this one a shot next year. Your report was helpful.

From Nate on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 at 19:48:20 from

Thanks guys, I was really happy with how it turned out. It showed me that sub 3 was definitely in reach! Rock, if you have any specific questions about the race don't hesitate to message me!

From Andrea on Thu, Oct 06, 2011 at 11:51:47 from

Great race Nate! I am very impressed with your consistency as well throughout the race. Sounds like the "running in fear" method worked for you, not letting the pace group pass. Congrats.

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